Welcome to LPOH NYU First Grade Announcement Page

June 28, 2012

We have just ended our first year as NYU and this was an exciting one:

  • As a Grade Team, we had a 98% average for sight word test.
  • Grade 1 increased the percentage of scholars meeting the Math IA benchmark from 71% to 98%.
  • We Rocked the Test! Overall, Grade 1 reads on grade-level with 90% of scholars at or above the reading benchmark. 
  • Grade 1 writers started the year at an average of 0.8 and ended May with average writing scores of 2.8!
  • We were the first grade to implement grading CGI and Spiral Review! Way to pave the way.
  • NYU scholar – Ashley Maxwell scored a 100% on not one but two Math IAs!
  • NYU – Earned the unofficial award for best cheerleaders! With an enormous amount of girls and Ms. Emily Baron’s performance background, NYU rocked their classroom cheer and math cheer every time.                                                                                                       

    Looking forward to next year as we welcome NYU 2012-2013

Welcome to LPOH!

February 28, 2010

Hi All,

Slowly but steadily our Leadership Prep Ocean Hill family is starting to take shape! I want to take this time to introduce you to the first  members of our team. I took a stab at writing small bios for you, so here we go:

Miri Wexler (Dean of Students): Miri Wexler comes to us from Los Angeles, California. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Miri started teaching in 2003 as a Teach For America Los Angeles corps member. After teaching for one year in Israel, Miri made her way to New York City where she taught fourth grade at the Bronx Charter School for the Arts and fifth grade at P.S. 32 in Brooklyn. We wooed Miri away from her doctoral research so she can serve as our Founding Dean of Students. Miri brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into how to build a safe and welcoming classroom community and we’re excited to have expand her community-building wisdom across our school.

Edie Kaminsky (teacher): Edie Kaminsky brings enthusiasm to everything she does. Her references called her “positive,” “super engaging,” and “eager to take on anything.” We saw all of the above descriptors in the first few seconds of meeting Edie. She has a smile that lights up a room. A graduate of McGill University, Edie is currently working towards her Master’s degree from Hunter College.

Katie Quinlan (teacher): Katie is a graduate of Brown University. After a four years in the corporate world, Katie decided teaching was her true calling. She is currently working on her Master’s degree at the University of California-Irvine, where she is completing her field work in a Kindergarten classroom. During her interview, we were struck by Katie’s humility, thoughtfulness, and dedication to growing as a teacher. But don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you: She’ll run circles around all of us next year! Katie is a champion cross-country runner. I have a feeling Katie will start the first K-1 cross-country track team in New York City.

Sari Fromson (teacher): Sari is currently finishing her senior year at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Sari must be the queen of time management because she finds a way to balance her studies with volunteering and working on behalf of the Trinity and greater Hartford communities. This year, Sari is a volunteer, research assistant, and intern at three separate organizations as well as vice president of her sorority. Sari impressed us with her poise and thoughtful questions. Her self-confidence must catch many an eye. When reflecting on Sari’s strengths, one of her references said: “I was [her] mentor, but now I rely on her perspective.”

Welcome, all, to Leadership Prep Ocean Hill!

Brendalyn and I will email you periodically to share news and information that may include the following:

  • Hiring updates
  • Building updates
  • August Orientation updates
  • Professional development readings
  • Miscellaneous educator hilarity

Enjoy your weekend!

Nikki & Brendalyn

Hello world!

February 28, 2010

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